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Data Science Training


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Data Science

Machine Learning, Data Science & AI are now considered the sexiest job of the 21 st century. It would not take a lot of prognosis and data manipulation to do some analysis. It is possible that by the end of 10 years we would need at least a million more data scientists. Gaining substantial expertise can only be achieved by a Doctoral degree and/or a lot of hands on work – I mean a lot! This course would attempt to get you going in the correct direction by getting you comfortable with the concepts. What we would ideally like to do is to give you a proper understanding of the tools to use and the approach needed to solve data problems. We will help you build algorithms and models by hand so that you can understand them better. The aim would be to enlighten you.

How we Differ from others

Our training will help you with the concepts. Hands-on sessions everyday would help you practice the problems that we expect to solve. Our emphasis would be on the application. There will be support for the participants during the course.

Who can Learn

Any person who has some understanding of the IT industry. A degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or Finance would be even better. The basic requirement would be to be able to know how to write some software code.

Any one who has the following technical skills and would need some fine tuning:

Statistical methods & packages
R/Python or SAS languages
Data warehousing & BI
Data Cleaning, Visualization
Hadoop & Machine learning techniques (working knowledge)