Full Stack QA (SDET)

Full Stack QA (SDET)


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Software Development Engg in Testing(SDET)

SDET is an intensive training designed to equip participants with an all-round skillset required for a Software test professional in the Agile continuous integration projects. Magnitia assures 100% assistance for the SDET participants in securing aJOB after completion of the course. Upon completion of SDET training the participants will be able to analyse, apply & implement

SDET Contents

Software Testing (Manual Testing)

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Software Engineering process & various development life cycles such as Agile Model, V-Model, DevOps etc..,
  • Demonstrable skill in analyzing Test Basis for various business problems & in publishing Requirement Analysis Reports
  • Demonstrable skill in identifying, prioritizing Test Scenarios, Test Cases & Test Data
  • Demonstrable skill to execute tests, record test logs & compile metrics
  • Demonstrable skill in identifying, reporting & tracking defects till the logical end
  • Demonstrable skill in using project / test management tools like ALM, Concerto, Outlook, Bugzilla, Jira etc..,

Agile process in JIRA

  • Demonstrable skill in creating User Stories
  • Demonstrable skill to create Sprints & assigning User Stories to Sprints
  • Demonstrable skill of writing Test Cases & executing them
  • Demonstrable skill to report & track issues as well as to analyse the report

Database – MS SQL Server

  • Demonstrable knowledge on RDBMS including DML, DDL, DTL etc
  • Demonstrable skill to write SQL Queries using Select, Join, Sub Query etc
  • Demonstrable understanding of SQL Objects, Indexes, Joins, Stored Procedures, Normalisation rules etc

Core Java

  • Demonstrable understanding of programming basics including programming logic, techniques, datatypes, variables, conditional statements, loops, arrays etc
  • Demonstrable understanding of OOPS concepts (Class, Object, Inheritance,Polymorphism etc)
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Access Modifiers, Interfaces, Collections, Exception Handling, JDBC Connection etc.,
  • Demonstrable skill in developing code to create Java program as per the task
  • Demonstrable fluency in Java Programming

Test Automation with Selenium using Java

  • Demonstrable skill in using Selenium / Katalon IDE
  • Demonstrable skill in working with different elements on the web page, handling multiple windows, frames & alerts
  • Demonstrable understanding of different libraries in Selenium, their purpose as well as clear understanding on how & when to use them in test automation
  • Demonstrable skill in debugging the scripts and in maintaining them
  • Demonstrable skill in developing automation test script using Java for the given set of Manual Test Cases
  • Demonstrable skill in Data Driven Testing using data sources such as Excel
  • Demonstrable skill of working with TestNG framework, Jenkins for schedules &; Keyword Driven framework
  • Demonstrable skill in generating Standard & Customized Reports

Selenium Integration with other tools

  • Maven: Demonstrable understanding of Maven Project, POM.xml, Creating builds and execution
  • Code Management Tool: Demonstrable knowledge of the Code Management Tool & Version Control. Skill of Checking and Checkout of the code
  • Continuous Integration Tool: Demonstrable understanding about the usage of CI Tool. Skill in configuring the tool to automatically integrate the code & reporting

Mobile Test Automation with Appium

  • Demonstrable skill to install & configure Appium, SDKs to test Android Apps
  • Demonstrable understanding of Appium Libraries
  • Demonstrable skill of developing test script to test Mobile Apps
  • Demonstrable skill in testing Native, Web & Hybrid Mobile apps

Highlights of Training Methodology

  • Simultaneous Learning & Practice
  • Dedicated Mentoring by a 12+ years experienced Test Automation Architect
  • Assignments for each & every major topic
  • Attendance & assignment tracking to promote professionalism
  • Real world examples / challenges attempted in the class
  • Work environment exposure by way of Team calls, Stand up meetings, simulated Client calls etc
  • Resume guidance & Mock Interviews