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Python Training


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Python Programming + Live Project work + Certification guidance + Interview orientation

Python strives for a simpler, less-cluttered syntax and grammar while giving
developers a choice in their coding methodology. Python is an interpreted, high-level, general purpose programming language,created by Guido Van Rossum. Object-oriented programming and structured programming are fully supported, and many of its features support functional programming. Design by contract and logic programming are supported via extensions. Learn world’s fastest growing and most popular programming language used by machine learning engineers, data scientists, analysts, software engineers alike from Team Magnitia. Trainers @ Magnitia IT have 20+ years of Software Industry experience and have trained thousands of persons, majority of whom are employed with MNCs with attractive packages.

How we Differ from others

Our Python Training methodology includes extensive In-depth & Detailed Training on each and every concept mentioned in the Python Course content. We don’t just teach in the class, we make participants to practice during the class hours and make them proficient. We provide Any Time Support for the participants during their course and Job Assistance.

Who can Learn

Aspirant Fresh Graduates who want to pursue their course in Software Testing. Working professionals From different industry who want to pursue their career in software testing

Python Course Highlights

  • Python expert as the trainer
  • Industry standard syllabus
  • 100% hands-on approach
  • Interview orientation
  • Live project work

NOTE: All the students will receive Python Course ware soft copy.

Participants Can Attend Training programs

  • Class Room Training ( WeekDays / WeekEnds)
  • Online Training